Bottlesmoker take a concept of bedroom music. Produce music in their own room, using custom toy equipment to create a simple electronic sounds. Mum, Manitoba, Tunng, The Album Leaf dan Dntel mostly has influence their music.Beside netlabel artist such as has become main influence and important example for them to create music.)


Through massive internet service, bottlesmoker has walking confidently on my space world.Through myspace a method named SASE (self addres stamped envelopes) was used by bottle smoker to spread song materials for they listener for free, public may send their blank cd to bottlesmoker addres and those cd will be resend virtually by bottlesmoker containing bottlesmoker songs complete with their sleeve cover.


With their room made music, no recording company that suits with their music concept. so, they still on their honest line of music, for example netlabel. On january 2008, finnaly bottle smoker sign with net label from Us “probably worse” record to release their “slow mo smile” album. this slow mo smile album contains new materials of bottle smoker songs and public able to download it for free, simply by log on to instead, “slow mo smile” album released by Netlabel from indonesia “shining records”, a net label under a same roof with “”. that makes bottlesmoker “slow mo smile album” can be download for free at


slow mo smile a single taken from slow mo smile album, participate on “symphaty for indonesian music industry volume 1” released by “oneloop records” a netlabel from surabaya, indonesia, again, it can be download for free, just log on to
single “before circus over” also participate on one free compilation album called “all is well when all is one”. bottle smoker honourly get a chance to remix a song for several bands, such as “masks” from vincent vega album “Phi” (it can be download at


contact person : Juliuz 08122385759
email :
facebook :
twitter : @bottlesmoker
website :