Goodboy Badminton

GoodBoyBadminton began making music in 2006, drawing influences from bands such as The Get Up Kids, The Rentals, Pavement, Blink 182, Death Cab for Cutie etc. Mutt (vocals & guitar) and Doni (drums) are the remainder from the founding members; Nanu (guitar & vocals) and sein (bass) joined the group around 2007 whilst Adkya (synthesizer) finally joined the band in 2009.


Their debut album, “Going Out,” was released 5th March 2010 and contains 5 songs in English, 5 songs in Bahasa with an additional prelude and exitlude. They kicked off the new album release with a tour around Indonesia and have been receiving a great response from magazines, radio stations and the amazing early believers who bought the first CDs. Despite this, Goodboybadminton know that they still have a long way to go and have many more songs they would like to share with the world.


The band’s ultimate goal would be nothing less that hitting the stages all around the world. In the meantime, why don’t you catch their live gigs around your town and say hi to them coz they love meeting new friends! 😀


personil :
  • Rahmat kurniady
  • Nanu nurahman
  • azi
  • Miftahul Rizky
  • Firman Fauzi
contact person : omen 081802256266/087824414241
facebook :
twitter : @GBBmusic
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